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We are unique… there is only one of us.
So there is nothing to compare ourselves to, except ourselves.

Private Sessions

Emotional Counselling

Our purpose is to find the “win” in all experiences.

Individual work addresses all types of stress issues -
Physical, Mental, Emotional and Chronic Conditions. During 1½ hours you take an insightful journey using Bio-feedback from the body and discover the power of emotional intelligence. You learn to transform stress into creative new options and experience a changed self-image and improved self-worth.

  • A session takes about an hour.
  • The approach is gentle and non-intrusive.
  • We use the client’s body as an emotional bio-feedback machine.
  • Your body will respond and answer your questions regarding any issue you would like to improve in your life.
  • This enables us to retrieve information from your cellular memories.
  • By reviewing these cellular memories with present time awareness, we can re-program our belief system.
  • When your intention is to find your truth, the process is simple and easy to do.
  • Then vow to yourself to use your new awareness in your everyday life.

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Ajna, a sensible approach

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Certified Training

AJNA now offers a full training course on what our methods are, how they work, and how to employ them in your own practice.

Transforming stress into creative potential.

Our path to self-awareness is the most exciting experience we will ever have!

This program is an experiential journey. It requires your willingness, patience and perseverance! These 12 days will prepare you to be a life coach by learning simple yet very effective techniques that increase your personal potential so that you can then share it with your clients. When we own an experience through awareness it becomes our own inner reality which we then share as an authentic part of our learning…it is our personal truth! Without expressing that truth we are merely playing an authority without feeling like one.

Through this journey, towards self-discovery you will learn a host of new and revolutionary skills that have never been taught before. They help to gently peel away the layers of self-imposed limitation that undermine our worth and create insurmountable stress.

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