We are all perfectly imperfect.

Life is simple; we complicate it!

Change what you focus on; and you change your life.

Devi Prasad

Over a decade ago I was living my life as a Freelance Photo Journalist and PR consultant. Even though I was enjoying my profession I was going through traumatic time in personal life that eventually affected my professional life. There was a period every thing was falling apart in life. My family life broken apart, my social life weakened, finance dried and eventually my professional life collapsed to ground. All of a sudden I was living with over crowded problems and troubles. I was in deep pain and was going through grave trauma.

At that point I was feeling the need to be healed so that I can challenge the challenge. I tried approaching various directions and methods to get hold of myself. Even though I had awareness of how I reached to such a state I had no clue how to identify my weakness and strength and move forward. I felt I was stuck and also got suicidal thoughts several times.

That was the time my path crossed with Ritu. I had only wish to meet her was re-connect with myself and become stronger to face emotional blackmails that I faced in life by so called loved ones and friends and also stop being victim to all such acts. That was my primary wish. Ritu interviewed me and followed her procedures of kinesiology. I was curiously awaiting to hear her findings. In very first session what she told me touched me. She did say many things to inspire me and bring me back to true self. But I remember one thing she said: ‘Child inside you feel suffocated and you must give importance to that child with in’. Very thought of being child like (not childish) was sending ripples inside me of change in me.

I visited Ritu for couple of more sessions and end of every session I was feeling better and inspired again to live my life instead of leaving. Then there was a session and that was last. I did not visit her again for any more sessions. Because that session turned my life for ever.

In that session Ritu did say several things, but my inner being was in explosion of celebration. Because that day I heard my inner calling for the first time crystal clearly. What did Ritu say to me? Very simple thing. She said, “Son, you are born to create colorful things.” Those words still echo in my ears. It helped me to bounce back, made me realize who I am and purpose of my life. I saw a new door that was wide open in my life. I saw time has come to drop the past and live the present and create a golden future. So, begin a brand new life!

I decided to transform myself into an Artist. I was aware every beginning is a challenge, initially. I was also aware that it is not easy to carve oneself as an artist. Moreover, even if one does, it is not easy to live as an artist and create a niche. I told myself I shall give myself a chance and do everything to be an artist. I started the process of life of an artist and kept painting to explore my own hidden potentials.

Few months later I was really living as an artist. I also had a first solo exhibition in Delhi. After that I visited Ritu to share the development. Naturally, she was astonished with the change. Incidentally, same time I met Dr Warren Stag and got yet another shot in the arm from him. He saw my works and said my works looks like Paul Klee’s works. I was not aware who it was. But to my shocking surprise he was a Swiss modern art master lived between 19th and 20th Century. Dr. Stag even showed Klee’s book and compared couple of my works and their similarities. From that moment I realized there is some unique potential with me and must discover it.

Eventually, I moved to Goa. Started new life. Lived every day as an artist and put all energy into searching my own visual language. Paul Klee, Joan Miro and Jackson Pollock became my ethereal level Gurus. In 2007 I finally achieved significant style of my own that placed me in different orbit as artist. Since then there was no looking back. I kept moving and till now I have several solo and group shows to my credit in India and abroad. I achieved few milestones in life but major milestone I achieved this year when my 58 paintings drawings become part of permanent collection of a well known musem in Lisobon, Portugal called Museu do Orient (Musem of Orient).

I still remember the beginning, Ritu’s words ‘Son, you are born for creating colorful things’. Today I redefined my purpose of life and that is to ‘create wealth for the world through my work’.

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