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01. What is "Ajna Center for Learning?"

Mar. 30, 2012
AJNA is a training center where people are trained to improve the quality of their lives. We do this by teaching unique and revolutionary skills which help them de-stress and re-program their emotional blocks which create learning disabilities that prevent them from achieving their full potential for a fulfilling and stress-free life. Once a person has undergone this training and applied it to himself, he or she can choose to take advanced training programs to enable them to help others improve their lives as well.

02. Why did you set up AJNA

Mar. 30, 2012

Having studied and practiced various branches of psychology, psychotherapy and self-help techniques, we found them to be rather incomplete because the focus was on curing the symptoms and not the root cause of the problems and addressing these in a holistic and consistent manner. The concept that someone outside of us, for example a therapist, would know what was wrong and had the ability or power to set it right from without, was not acceptable. Therefore AJNA was set up to apply gentle but powerful techniques that use the client’s own body and mind to diagnose and heal itself.

03. So what are these techniques and how do these help in improving our lives?

At AJNA we follow the understanding that each one of us is the sole authority of our life and living, and we each have the power to heal ourselves. All that is necessary is to understand and realize how we have limited ourselves and then learning to overcome these self-imposed limitations by taking sole responsibility for our own well-being. What we think or believe we are, our “self-image”, is developed. by us, during the first seven years of our lives in childhood. Our reactions, to deep-felt feelings about ourselves as children, develop our self-image and reinforces the belief system we created about our self. This belief system most often comes from our reaction to elders: our parents, teachers, peers and spiritual leaders etc. We accept what they say to us and about us as our truth because we want to be accepted by them and loved by them in our desire to belong, to be loved the way we want to be loved.

04. You mean that we ‘learn’ our doubts, fears and inabilities from our elders and parents?

Mar. 30, 2012
To a large extent yes. But actually, in our unsure state as children, we agreed with their ideas and comments about us and about life, this belief then became our accepted reality. We were not forced to feel this way, but we did and thereby created our own doubts and fears in the process. This is how our belief system was developed. Hence, we did it to our self. But on the flip side, the magic is, that what we have created, we can re-create and we can change and improve/repair/correct our limited belief system.

05. So if we created our own doubts and fears, how do we overcome them?

Mar. 30, 2012
First we have to identify the exact time, when and why we decided to limit our self in a specific area, and then we have to choose to edit and re-program our belief system, our ideas of who we think we are. It must be understood that during childhood, we developed these programs of self-limitation in an effort to protect our self from either pain or fear or fear of more pain to come!! At that time we believed that we were in a ‘survival situation’. Unfortunately, these programs get hard-wired in our brains and dictate our behavior even as adults, when we no longer need to do so.

06. You mean that the programs of survival techniques we created as children continue to control and dictate how we live our lives as adults?

Mar. 30, 2012
Unfortunately YES! Absolutely. Whenever we undergo any kind of stress as adults (i.e. in present time) we sub-consciously access or go to our belief system to see or find out how we survived in a like or a similar situation in childhood. We then repeat the same childhood program that we originally created, and act in the same way to protect ourselves without consciously realizing that we are doing so.

07. How can we change the way we react to stress or stressful situations in present time, or how can we re-program our thoughts and response patterns?

Mar. 30, 2012
Once we understand the process, it is actually quite simple, gentle and easy to do. Just as in any computer program, we need to access the original file to re-program it. In order to re-program old habit patterns we need to go back to the exact time when we ‘created’ the program. Once we are able to do this, the old program can be edited and re-programmed. The problem lies in being able to get into and access the original program, find out the reasons (when, where, why, who etc.) and then erase the old programs and insert the new more functional and useful program to deal with our life in a new and more productive way.

08. And how is that accomplished?

Mar. 30, 2012
For this purpose we use the revolutionary process of Bio-Feedback from the client’s body. This is accomplished by the use of the proven technique of Precision Muscle Testing. This technique helps us to identify the emotional responses from within the client’s body in reaction to specific questions or statements, with focused intention from both, the client and a facilitator. This is exemplified by the discovery in quantum physics that, “Energy follows Intention”.

09. Could you please clarify? I’m not sure I’ve understood what you have just said.

Mar. 30, 2012
Well, let’s see. Every time we think, speak or feel, the entire body has a holistic response. When this response is positive the body reacts firmly, and our muscles exhibit a strong feeling. On the other hand, whenever we are exposed to anything or any situation which we perceive as negative, stressful, threatening, fearful or even doubtful, the body goes through a holistic reaction that weakens the energy flow, which is exhibited by a weakened muscle response, which can be read by precision muscle testing. It has been scientifically stated and proved that every cell in our body carries “memories” or a record of every experience we have gone through since the time we were conceived. This is known as our “cellular memory”. Precision Muscle Testing techniques enable a facilitator to access and literally talk to the client’s cellular memory and discover the inner truth of their past, exactly as it happened (as opposed to what we have believed or consciously perceived had happened). This cellular truth is used by the facilitator to access the belief system and re-program it for noticeable functional improvement in our lives.

10. All this sounds complicated. Does it require much training, practice and effort?

Mar. 30, 2012
Although practice and effort is necessary for success in any worthwhile endeavor, the process is fairly simple to learn and use. Even more important, the process is non invasive, non- threatening and very confidential. This is why we use the term ‘facilitator’. The facilitator does not do very much except support, guide and inspire the client himself to carry out the transformation or re-programming. This is “non-therapy” therapy! The facilitator does not tell anyone what to do or why. The client’s body is the source of all information and the client is the sole authority of his/her responses and his/her improvement. The facilitator is just a supportive guide who facilitates the client’s taking responsibility for his/her own life and life improvement. The difficult part is to learn to trust what our body tells us, to recognize that the sub-conscious cellular system only and always tells us the truth. In fact, initially it is very hard to believe the total simplicity of the process. The body is also selective. It will give us the information we need to improve ourselves in a progressive manner, first things first.

11. If I am interested in beginning this self-improvement process, how do I go about getting started?

Mar. 30, 2012
In our opinion, the best way to get started is to take a session or two and see how it works. The experience of such a session is the best guide to see if you wish to continue and take matters further. It’s always your choice! We only facilitate, we never advise. For some people this work is so fascinating to them they become interested in learning how to become facilitators as well.

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